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Cosmetic Dentistry Professional Says: “If You Play Sports, Wear a Mouthguard for Your Protection.”

Cosmetic dentistry professional in Joondalup reveals why a mouthguard is so important for anyone who plays sports. Joondalup, WA, 06 October 2016 – Like many cosmetic dentistry professionals, Dr Roy Sarmidi of Joondalup City Dental would rather see patients keep their mouths healthy and never have the need for cosmetic dentistry procedures. According to Dr […]

How teeth affect your professional appearance

Most people agree that a person’s appearance can affect his or her success in a professional career. A well-dressed, well-manicured individual who evokes confidence and self-esteem is going to have an easier time moving up the corporate ladder. While conversing during a job interview or making a presentation during a company meeting, a person’s mouth […]

These Cosmetic Procedures Come with Some Serious Health Benefits

Ask almost any woman what she doesn’t like about her appearance, and she’ll have an instant answer for you. According to a recent study by RealSelf, 87 percent of American women are unhappy with their bodies, and one in five contemplates having an elective cosmetic procedure. That’s a major shift from the days when cosmetic […]

Red Flags on Your Next Dental Visit

Perhaps the recent Halloween candy frenzy is sending you or your family on a dental visit? There are things that the dental patient should beware when it comes to dental offices for safety and health. A list has been compiled of twelve red flags that should make you just say no to some dental practices. […]

Cosmetic dentistry serves functional purpose as well

  Family Dental Centre Cosmetic dentistry, whether you’re whitening your teeth or getting new crowns, is a form of voluntary treatment people often undergo to improve their appearance. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t serve a functional purpose, as well. “If your teeth are worn down, or you want to change the shape of them, […]

‘Gold rush’ of cosmetic dentists without training is leaving patients with ruined teeth

‘Gold rush’ of cosmetic dentists without training is leaving patients with ruined teeth – and clinicians aren’t struck off despite history of harming clients A boom in dentists who offer cosmetic treatments without training is leaving a growing number of patients with ruined teeth, it has been reported. Dentists are profiting from a huge rise […]

Dull, yellow teeth? Here are some lesser-known culprits

As Alisa Hrustic notes on, most of us know that coffee, red wine and soy sauce are among the consumables that, over time, can make your teeth less than sparkling white. She asks cosmetic dentists Nancy Rosen of New York and Kourosh Maddahi of Beverly Hills about other “sneaky teeth-stainers.” Some of their answers: […]

The Effects of Tooth Loss & the Argument for Modern Dental Implants

As traditional dental procedures continue to become outdated, dental implants in Dallas have become more popular over time. This is a look at some of the main reasons behind the popularity of dental implants in Dallas due to the effects of tooth loss as a part of the modern human condition. designed by   […]